Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED)is an assessment system recognized in over 132 countries as the international standard of excellence for sustainable buildings. Our project managers, as well as members of upper management, have attended many LEED Strategies for Sustainable Building professional training sessions. In compliance with the LEED Canada assessment systems, they have trained for different types of projects. At Westgate Koenig we are dedicated to using sustainable methods, reducing

  • LEED Accredited Project Managers and professional staff
  • Integrated design and construction process with early involvement of the contractor to provide sustainable construction processes and materials
  • Material re-use and salvaging where cost effective
  • Recycling and diverting of construction debris from landfills
  • Water conservation techniques including low flow fixtures and rainwater harvesting
  • Ability to assess existing building energy performance and provide cost effective energy efficient building upgrades. Including:
    • Building envelope performance
    • HVAC systems analysis
    • Lighting and controls
    • On site renewable energy
  • Sustainable materials including utilization of recycled content, local material sources, rapidly renewable materials, and certified wood
  • Understanding and use of low VOC paints, adhesives, and carpets
  • Green roofs and natural drainage systems
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